La Franco-Fête comme si vous y étiez!


Expérience Francophone

The Festival Franco-fête Toronto celebrates the Francophonie in the Americas. The Francophonie is a living and dynamic reality in America where there are 34.4 million French speakers.

The French language brings us together even if we come from distant countries. The Franco-Fête de Toronto festival aims to continue this mission of bringing together and celebrating our similarities and our differences.

All the artists present represent a part of the Americas where the Francophonie is alive.


The event takes place on rue de Rolyat St and Ossington Ave with our partner bar The Painted Lady. Rue du Rolyat St will be privatized just for the festival. The festival will be surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops, and life throughout the weekend.


If you are thirsty or hungry, a festival bar will be available with various snacks and refreshments. You will find seating and shade set up for your comfort. For other choices, we invite you to eat in one of the many restaurants and bars in the area.

How to get there?

To find our festival, we recommend taking the following buses, metros and trams:

  • Subways 1 and 2 will take you to the 505 tram downtown
  • Toronto 505 Tram stop at -> Dundas St West at Ossington Ave
  • Buses 63A, and 63B also stop at -> Dundas St West at Ossington Ave

After Party

At the end of the Festival day, Friday and Saturday, our partner bar The Painter Lady will organize an after-party. La Franco Fête and The Painted Lady will invite 2 DJs at 10 p.m. to end the evening in style.

The festival of La Franco-Fête de Toronto continues to live for 40 years. Let’s continue to make it a success this year and for years to come.



COVID-19 has taken away 2 Festival weekends. We want to know what you missed most during events. Is it the music? The atmosphere? Going out with your friends and family? Let us know with #FFT2022.