A Word from the President

Hello Francophones and Francophiles of Toronto and beyond.

My name is Vincent Rocheleau, President of the Board of Directors of Franco-Fête de Toronto. Since its inception in 1983, Franco-Fête de Toronto has been committed to bringing Toronto’s diverse Francophone communities together, by presenting cultural and social activities that foster their development.

In the years to come, we want to bring together more Francophones from Toronto and the surrounding area, as well as introduce Franco-Fête de Toronto to the rest of the province.

For the second year running, the 2023 edition will take place on Halton Street, at the corner of Ossington, a lively neighborhood whose cultural richness we invite you to discover.

Since 2015, the festival’s mission has been to showcase the diversity of the French-speaking community. For this 41st edition, Franco-Fête continues to celebrate the Francophonie from the four corners of the world.

On behalf of the directors and organizers of Franco-Fête de Toronto, I’d like to thank all the artists and artisans who help us discover a piece of their origins every year. We’d also like to thank all the spectators and festival-goers who attend this great festival, year after year, and allow us to celebrate Francophone culture in all its diversity.

Together, let’s celebrate a Francophonie rich in diversity – a Francophonie that brings us together!

Our history


First knows as “Semaine Francophone”, La Franco-Fête was created in 1983 by the French Committee of Toronto.


The Festival was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1995 under the name: Franco-Fête de la Communauté urbaine de Toronto.


30th anniversary


Pan Am Toronto 2015 – Part of the Francophone cultural program of the Games.


40th anniversary

Our mission


The mission of La Franco-Fête de Toronto has always been to give the Francophones, Francophiles and Anglophones of the region a place to gather and celebrate the diversity of francophone culture.

This year, La Franco-Fête will present its inaugural Toronto Festival of International Francophonie. This new initiative will allow Franco-Fête to ensure the vitality of Toronto and Ontario’s francophone culture by presenting social and cultural programming that reflects this rich community, thanks to the many partnerships with the francophone media outlets of the region, community associations and school boards.

This festival will allow us to, even more than ever, create a gathering place that is without borders, open and inviting, one that will allow us to present francophone culture in all its richness and diversity.

Our mandate

  • To coordinate and organize non-profit French-language social and cultural activities within the City of Toronto;
  • To promote and coordinate the organization of these activities within the framework of events representative of the French-speaking community;
  • Foster a sense of belonging to the region’s French-speaking community by encouraging the active participation of all age groups;
  • Maintain links with other similar associations and other francophone cultural events and festivals in Canada.